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Oak City Beard Showdown

Tobacco Road Harley-Davidson and

Mr. Pompadour Barber Lounge Present:


WHEN: January 27th from 12 to 3:30 PM

WHERE: Tobacco Road Harley-Davidson located at 1126 S. Saunders Street, Raleigh, NC

Think you have the best beard around? Register below to come show off what you've got.


11 AM - 2 PM: Graysin Slade Duo Performs  (Break from 12:30-1PM)

10AM: The team from Mr. Pompadour will be doing on site trims and grooming

11:30 AM : Food truck and vendors open

12-1PM: Competitors arrive at the dealership to check in or register (No, you don't have to ride to participate!)

2 PM: Contestants gather for judging  

3:15-3:30: Judge deliberation time.


Read on to learn about the rules and categories!


There will be a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winner in each category and all 1st place winners will compete to be the overall competition winner.

3rd Place - Ribbon stating 3rd place finish and category

2nd Place - Ribbon stating 2nd place finish and category + Choice of Mr. Pompadour wash/conditioner/oil in choice of scent

1st Place - Ribbon stating 1st place finish and category + Mr. Pompadour Beard Shower Set (wash and conditioner) + Oil in choice of scent

Overall Winner - 1st place winnings + Beard Trim & Treatment service at the Mister Pompadour Barber Lounge  + Mr. Pompadour Beard Butter in choice of scent + Harley-Davidson dry bag + 40 oz. H-D cup + TRHD T-Shirt

* Choice of scent is available while supplies last.



Each individual will be judged on a scoring system that’s fair to all parties involved. Beards will be judged based on category, thickness, health and overall presentation related to a particular category.

Scoring will be decided on a composite score of multiple elements. The composite will totaled from each element scoring 1-5 points, 1 point being the lowest and 5 points being the highest.

Beard lengths are measured from the bottom of the lower lip to the terminal ends of your facial hair.

The judges are the tie breakers and have the final say. All decisions are final!


Natural Beard: A beard that has grown naturally and without grooming maintenance. This means no sharp lines or crisp edges. It has grown to its full terminal and potential length naturally. See below for your appropriate category related to length.

Groomed Beard: A beard that has been groomed on the cheek line, jaw line, and back line including the sideburns with any type of cutting instrument on the edges, sides, and along the neckline. See below for your appropriate category related to length.

Cheek Line: An imaginary line connecting the corner of the mouth to the top of the ear.

Jaw Line: The line running along the edge of the jaw bone or the parallel line to the jaw bone itself.

Back Line: The line running vertical from the rear of the sideburns down to terminal length of the beard below the ears or the mandible.

Neck Line: The line that is usually just above the Adam’s apple and extends towards the jaw line.


  • Stubble-4 inches for both Groomed and Natural
  • 4-8 inches for both Groomed and Natural
  • 8-12 inches for both Groomed and Natural
  • 12-18 inches for both Groomed and Natural
  • 18 inches+ for both Groomed and Natural
  • Partial Beards- goatee, mutton chops, or etc.
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Mr. Pompadour

Meet our partner in this event - Mr. Pompadour Barber Lounge.

Founded in 2014 and based in Raleigh, NC, Mister Pompadour crafts premium grooming products with quality ingredients for the modern man.

After cultivating a community in 100+ countries for 5+ years, it was time to open a flagship barber lounge and focus our attention on the city that serves as our foundation.

By bridging the gap between upscale salons and run of the mill barbershops, our goal is to raise Raleigh's grooming standards with quality cuts, shaves & cocktails - delivered daily.

Look Sharp. Be Confident.


beard oil holding

The Products

Engineering friends and product designers, Zack Henry + Matt Davis, started Mister Pompadour in 2014 and are based out of Raleigh, NC.

They are passionate about bringing a professional sense of style to every man and improving men's grooming.

Mister Pompadour is every man who prides himself on looking his best and knows that hair plays an important role.  Whether you’re trying to make an impression with friends, at the office, or on a date, you want your hair to be on point for whatever life throws at you.



Meet Your Judges



Slim, along with a few other barbers from Mr. Pompadour, will be serving as our judges. 

Slim is from Archer Lodge, North Carolina. He has been a barber since 2019 and can certainly handle anything you throw his way as a former Knightdale firefighter. He's a master beard barber who also does classic hairstyles if you need. 

See Slim on the 27th in the Mr. Pompadour Booth and know that he has the knowledge to accurately judge these beards! 

Consistency is a great moral strength. Without strength of morality, inspiration often dies, and a dead imagination is the end of creativity.
-Slim P.




James O'Neal is a barber with seven years of experience at Mister Pompadour Barber Lounge in Raleigh. His journey began when he moved to Raleigh in November 2022, taking a job at Mister Pompadour Barber Lounge on a whim.

Before becoming a barber, James worked in retail pharmacy for nearly ten years. However, he wanted a change and briefly pursued a degree in mass communication before life took a different turn. Inspired by a desire to control his own hairstyle, he enrolled in barber school in 2015, graduating in 2016.

James faced challenges along the way, including struggles with confidence and setbacks. Still, his passion for barbering persisted, and he returned to Fayetteville, where he continued to develop his skills in various barbershops.

Today, James specializes in all hair textures and styles, with a focus on beards. He's known for his attention to detail, professionalism, and outstanding customer service. His journey from a shy, rebellious kid with a love for art to a successful barber is a testament to his resilience and dedication.




Jess discovered her passion for cutting hair as a side hustle during her high school days. However, after serving 8 years in the Marines, enduring 4 years of college, and working at her supposed "dream job" for 2 years, she found herself utterly miserable. It was then that Jess had an epiphany - the times she felt the happiest were when she was cutting hair for free. With this realization, she made the bold decision to leave everything behind and pursue a career in barbering. Since then, life has been an exhilarating journey for Jess.

She has traveled around the world, absorbing knowledge from the industry's finest, and drawing inspiration from diverse cultures. Now, she has brought her exceptional skills and experiences to Raleigh, North Carolina, where she calls home. Jess's expertise knows no bounds as she can effortlessly handle any hair type, length, or style. However, her true passion lies in the art of shaping and shaving beards. Alongside her barbering talents, Jess also holds a cosmetology license, granting her the ability to provide an array of luxurious pampering services that perfectly complement any of your grooming needs.



Live Music

Graysin Slade Duo

Graysin is this generation's true bluesman. All the way from San Antonio Texas he was called to sell everything 3 years ago and travel the country playing music town to town to survive. On his journey he was blessed to meet his, now, wife and bassist Kayulah from Richmond, KY. 

This duo will be playing a combo of blues and rock during the day and stay tuned for their full band coming to a TRHD event soon!



Interested in being a vendor during our Oak City Beard Showdown? Here is what you need to know ...

- Vendors will be setting up between 9AM and 11AM

- If the weather is supposed to be about 55 Degrees at 11AM vendors will be setting up outside. If it will be colder than 55 or if there is rain vendors will set up inside.

- For this event vendor spots are only $20. 

- Vendors must actually be selling goods and not giving out information. 

- Interested vendors can fill out the form. Once you have filled out the form you will be contacted  to confirm your needs and spots.


Food Truck

At Captain’s Gastro Food Truck, we pride ourselves on offering superior food and professional service, all presented with care and home-style hospitality to make your event truly exceptional.

We enjoy providing our customers with healthy, fresh, and delicious meals. 

Every dish we prepare is carefully crafted with top quality ingredients, with a focus on using organic and local produce.

Current Vendors

Check out who is coming out so far ... Stay tuned for updates! 

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